Our Services

The NVCW Responder Team recognizes the important role a well-organized and professionally trained law enforcement agency plays in a safe community. The Responder Team does not replace the need for a law enforcement agency in our community; rather we seek to respond to select situations where law enforcement has deemed it to be beyond their available resources.

The following is a list of situations the NVCW Responder Team will address for NVCW program members when law enforcement has been previously notified and indicated they will not respond:

Checking and clearing business and residential buildings when the owner feels a  trespasser or burglar may still be present.

Responding to suspicious persons lurking in the neighborhood so that a deterrent presence is provided.

Responding to concerns that a person is trespassing on private property not open to the public.

Where NVCW members have been victimized by a burglar or thief and needs assistance in reporting the crime to law enforcement.

Crime scene processing and report writing when requested by county agencies or the district attorney.

Due to extreme liability concerns, the NVCW Responder Team will not respond to incidents where law enforcement maintains a current policy of response. These include, but are not limit to:

Domestic disturbances between current or former cohabitants.

Crimes in progress of a felonious nature.

Civil disagreements between neighbors.

Any incident which, in the opinion of the NVCW Responder Team member, is a matter for direct and immediate law enforcement action.