Person of Interest – January 17, 2015

Person of InterestOn January 15, 2015 at about 11:00 AM in a residential area of O’Brien in the Illinois Valley, the below photographed male drove a smaller dark in color sedan onto a rural residential driveway and stopped at a point the vehicle remained partially hidden by brush and trees. He then got out and walked the rest of the way up the driveway to the residence, stopping frequently to view the surrounding outbuilding on the property. The male knocked on the resident’s door and when the resident answered the door, the suspicious male said he was looking for a “package” that was to be delivered to this address. The male said he was from Cave Junction. He left without incident when told no package was to be delivered there.

Burglars and thieves often approach rural residence with long driveways or which appear vacant or temporarily unoccupied during daylight hours. Hoping the occupants are away, they will knock on the door. If no one answers, they’ll force entry and steal you blind and damage your home. If an occupant answers the door, the suspect will make up an excuse for being on the property. No doubt this is what happened here.

NVCW encourages you to do what this property owner did. Obtain a photo and share as much information as possible. This person is likely on probation or may even have a warrant for his arrest. Your Community Watch shares this information with law enforcement as we do with the rest of the community whenever possible.


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