Incident of Interest

Suspicious Vehicle
Described as a black Ford F150 Pickup Truck with Extended Cab

The following is a post on the NVCW Facebook page on 1-16-15: Less than 24 hours ago a member of the “To Catch a Thief” Facebook page in the Illinois Valley posted photos of this Black Ford F150 extended cab that was suspected in a theft on 12/29/2014 on Waters Creek Rd. A NVCW member saw the suspicious truck enter 1500 Russell Rd and contacted the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s Deputies went to the Russell Rd. address and recovered another stolen vehicle as well as cited an un-named young for theft and felon in possession of a weapon. The Ford F150 pictured in this post is in the driveway with the arrow pointing it out.

There have been an increase in burglaries and thefts in the surrounding area. North Valley residence are encouraged to be vigilant regarding this vehicle and this property. Take note and report suspicious/criminal activity associated with these events, persons, vehicles and location to law enforcement and your NVCW organization. Because persons who are cited for some criminal offenses are not likely to appear, there will likely be additional charges and a warrant for their arrest . DO NOT attempt to contact or confront suspicious persons, vehicle, locations or expose yourself or others to danger.

Report all suspicious activity and sightings to law enforcement and the
NVCW Responder Team 541-291-1492

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