Key Points for Members

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1.  We are not a vigilante group as we strongly support the rule of law and due process of law

a.  We are not members of an extreme right or left wing group.
b.  We do not try people in a “People’s Court”
c.  We do not exact punishment on anyone.
d.  We do cooperate with law enforcement and seek their involvement whenever possible.
e.  We do support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Oregon as these documents are interpreted by our system of justice.

2.  We are not an “Emergency Response Group or private security agency/business”.

a.  We do work with law enforcement and believe that there is no substitute for a well-trained and professionally organized law enforcement agency.
b.  We do not provide a citizen patrol

3.  What the all voluntary NVCW is:

Our goals are to:

a.  Provide protection to NVCW members until law enforcement arrives.
Provide deterrence to crime by being ever vigilant for crime or suspicious persons in our community.
Document accurately observations of crimes.
Communicate rapidly and effectively with Community Watch members and law enforcement.
Assist those in need in reporting crime or suspicious persons or activity to law enforcement authorities.
Provide training and suggestions on ways neighbors and our community can detect, deter and prevent crime.

4.  We are:

a.  A community wide group of involved citizens who voluntarily and by invitation support one another through education, communication, crime deterence and public awareness.
b.  We believe that in the absence of law enforcement, we need to organize ourselves in a professional manner to provide for our own safety and security.
c.  Where law enforcement falls short in providing safety for our members, we stand ready to insure their safety where lawfully and reasonably possible.
d.  We are organized to provide support and communication with, and between, Neighborhood Watch groups within the community.
e.  The NVCW also researches and presents organized information valuable to our members and their safety and security.

i.  Information of suspicious persons and activity in our community. Information sharing and dissemination. We do this through emails (our address is ), Facebook (North Valley Community Watch (NVCW) Happenings) and our website . Our Phone Number is 541-291-9115.
ii.  We encourage Neighborhood Watch program development and provide support for on-going activity within Neighborhood Watch system.
iii.  We also provide communications between the various Neighborhood Watch programs and within the NVCW area.

5.  Within the NVCW program is a team of men who respond to potential criminal activity within the North Valley area. This group is called “The North Valley Community Watch Responder Team” (NVCWRT). The areas they respond to include Merlin, Hugo, Colonial Valley, Galice, Pine Crest, Jones Creek, Upper River Rd. Camp Joy Rd and the Jump off Joe Creek and Sunny Valley area.

a.  Again, the NVCWRT is not an emergency response team as we do not have emergency vehicles or the professional communications necessary for a proper emergency response. We also do not have immediate access to proper interagency assistance such as law enforcement and medical and fire services.
b.  We do believe that a strong presence of our Response Team is a deterrent to crime and potential harm to our members.

6.  The NVCRT does respond to:

a.  Suspicious activity; A person lurking in the area.
b.  Unlawful trespassing on private property; contact, identify, document, warn and advise. Escort off property where lawful and applicable. Proof of property ownership is required by complainant.
c.  A belief by one of our members that a residence or business has been entered but that the continued presence of an intruder is unknown. In other words we clear buildings when law enforcement has been notified and will not respond.
d.  We provide counsel to our members on how to handle potential problems in the neighborhood on a proactive approach.
e.  We provide assistance in reporting and documenting criminal events within the community to law enforcement.

7.  Our Response Team members are armed for their own protection and the protection of NVCW members. We believe the use of firearms should only be employed as a reasonable last resort when others threaten imminent deadly physical force against our members or a member of our Response Team.

8.  We have our own firearms range where we train twice a month. Our members are required to demonstrate proficiency in the use of firearms and pass the same shooting qualification course as law enforcement.

9.  Our Response Team has been training since June of 2012 in the following:

a.  Oregon law as it regulates the use of deadly physical force, physical force and what constitutes justification for the use of physical force in defense of persons and property.
b.  We train in what constitutes physical injury and serious physical injury.
c.  Our Response team trains in what it is means to “preclude all other reasonable means” before the use of physical and deadly physical force is used.
d.  We train in issues related to “Self Defense “and the defense of others”.
e.  We train in the requirements necessary in making a citizen’s arrest.

i.  We avoid making citizens arrests for obvious reasons and only do so in felony cases and/or as a last resort.
ii.  We don’t have immediate access to a jail.
iii.  We avoid transporting persons.
iv.  And our ability to detain persons is limited to law enforcement response.

10.  We also train in the use of pepper spray for self-defense purposes. This means are Response Team members get pepper sprayed as part of their training. Just like law enforcement does.

11.  What are Response Team will not respond to:Due to extreme liability concerns, the NVCW Responder Team will not respond to incidents where law enforcement maintains a current policy of response. These include, but are not limit to:

a.  Domestic disturbances between current or former cohabitants.
b.  Crimes in progress of a felonious nature. Covered by law enforcement
c.  Civil disagreements between neighbors.
d.  Any incident, where in the opinion of the NVCW Responder Team member, is a matter for direct and immediate law enforcement action.
e.  Our Response Team wears black vests with the word “Security” prominently displayed.

12.  Our Response Team will only respond to a suspicious and/or suspected criminal event request after law enforcement has been notified of the situation and has declined service. YOU MUST CALL THE POLICE FIRST, then call our response team.

13.  Membership in NVCW requires you live in the North Valley area, attend at least one of our meetings and be signed up as a member.