Great Things Are Happening


Miriah Boyer

These are trying times. In fact, your NVCW was born from these times. Like all of you who care and want what’s best for your community, the men and women who give of themselves to keep us safe answer the call each day to provide just that.

There are great things occurring in our community. We are making an impact and criminals are being held accountable. Despite all the doom and gloom; citizens are educating themselves about all aspects of our community justice programs and services. We are getting involved and simply refuse to accept we are helpless like so many want you to believe.

Contrary to the widespread rumor that burglars and thieves aren’t being prosecuted; they are. Jacob Cottrell just got 5 years for his property crime spree. Eric Mitchell is being prosecuted for wreaking havoc in the North Valley and Randal Patrick is facing drug charges through the city. Douglas County is prosecuting Miriah Boyer and Ian Fleming for their crimes as well. Our efforts to keep their names and activities in the light of day are paying off and many have contributed to that end.


Randall Patrick

It is a constant fight, one that is only made easier when we all cooperate with each other. Your NVCW leaders are constantly involved in seeking ways to strengthen our service to you. For almost a year now, we’ve been proving crime scene processing services to our members. Despite attempts by some, our efforts are spreading and we’ve been asked to train and be involved in other neighborhood watch groups doing the same thing. In fact, Sheriff Gilbertson is finally taking notice and has announced his intent to resurrect the same program with his remaining civilian volunteers. This was a program I designed and taught to Sheriff’s volunteers in 2011 but the program was disbanded after the cutbacks of 2012.


Jacob Conttrell

From this adversity comes opportunity.  In the next several months there will be a lot of discussion on your safety and the safety of your community. You’ve heard me speak frequently about the “reasonable person theory”. Now is the time   Opportunity to grow, change and redesign our thinking and approach to the problems that plague our communities. Your NVCW has proven this is possible. We have the resources right here. We’ve made a difference and we can move even further to making this a safer community. I’m asking everyone to educate yourselves to the multitude of issues that threaten our safety. Take extra time and effort to examine why we’re in this mess. Join with your neighbors, form and support your neighborhood watch programs. Seek out information and support from one another and the Community Watch program in your area.


reasonableness and common sense is needed the most. Ask the hard questions and don’t accept anything less than accountability from your elected leaders. Frankly, it’s this simple; if they haven’t represented your interest, award their contract to someone else who will.

Together we are moving towards a safer community and County. It will happen if we allow the changes necessary for it to occur. Be Safe !!